White steam boiled sea fish with strawberries and avocado.
image4.jpegNot so lowcarb, because of strawberries, but still quite healthy.

Pink salmon, ruccola, quinoa, almonds.


Important note on salmon: I recommend wild pacific pink salmon, not farmed salmon. Not only because I want fish to live a happy life before I eat it, but also because farmed salmon, even from organic farms is not healthy. Farmed salmon can contain antibiotics hormones, and unhealthy fats, because it lives on a very small area and doesn’t move around. If you can’t get hold of wild salmon, better go for tuna instead.

• Note on quinoa: it is a nice gluten free grain with a high percentage of complete protein, potassium, magnesium and folate, but it should be washed and soaked before cooking and eating The reason is that the grains are covered with saponins – substances which protects quinoa from being eaten by insects and digested by birds. So if the saponins are not washed off all this good protein and other nutrients are not digested nor absorbed.

• Concerning almonds: soak almonds to get rid of dust, then if you like them crunchy dry them again. I prefer soft, a bit less crunchy almond in salads.


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